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Our Founder Lisbeth Johansen is the winner of Magazine SØNDAG's Heroine Award 2015.


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A dream has come true! We have opened our new Boys' Home

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LittleBigHelp´s Shalimar Pre and Primary school

LittleBigHelp's Open Shelter


LittleBigHelp works to create better opportunities for vulnerable children and women in West Bengal, India.

We work to secure their basic human rights such as education, protection, basic health care, and nutrition- each and every day.
We cannot help everybody, but our belief is that everybody can help some. And your support will get us a long way!

We change your little help into a big help for people in need.

We cannot help everybody – but we can help some. And we do it! 

Our Projects

LittleBigHelp runs a Pre and Primary School in Shalimar slum community where 135 children on a daily basis receive education, learn about their basic rights and enjoy a hot meal for lunch. We also work with the local community, mainly the parents of the children, since it is crucial to our work that they understand and support our efforts to try and educate their children.

We run a 24/7 Open Shelter near Howrah train station for 25 boys who are living on the street and on the platforms of the station. The rough everyday lives of these young boys consist of collecting bottles and other goods left on the trains to sell and earn a few Rupees to survive.

We offer them a safe alternative to the perils of the street and the station with shelter, protection, education, food, medical care, and a place to simply just be a child. Many of the boys are addicted to sniffing glue and have suffered horrific experiences in their lives and we work to secure them a better and safer future off the street and to find them a better alternative.
To provide a long term Home for the youngest and most vulnerable boys at our Open Shelter, we are running a Boys' Home for 45 street connected boys. In our Home, the boys can start a new life away from the street with care, comfort, nutrition, education - and a place to call 'home' until they reach 18 years of age.
We are running a Girls’ Home for 25 street connected and other vulnerable girls. Here the girls have a chance to start a new life in a safe environment filled with care, comfort, nutrition and education – a place to call ‘home’ until they reach 18 years of age. It is especially important to offer help to girls in India, as they are extra vulnerable to child marriage, trafficking, rape and abuse.
Our Adult Learning Centre for the women and mothers of our students at Shalimar School is a project aiming at empowering the women in the local community by giving them basic education and a new way to express themselves. Most of the women are first-time learners and they are very keen to learn and be empowered.

We are supporting the Centre for Special Education - a school for 100 children and adolescents with special needs who would otherwise not be able to attend school or receive care. The Centre also provides a home for 15 of the older students of the school and offers vocational training and life skills education. The students come from impoverished tribal villages around Bankura, situated a few hours outside of Kolkata.  
Learning Centre for Tribal Children is providing education and computer learning for children living in tribal villages near Bankura.Through this project we aim to provide the opportunity and learning space to ensure improved education and computer literacy among the less privileged tribal children.At the Centre we also provide Beatician Training for 16 young women giving them the possibility to earn an income to support themselves and their families.
Vocational Training project, located in Kolkata, aims at empowering marginalised women socially and financially. Through the project the women receive vocational training with focus on jewellery making and tailoring to equip them with skills to create a source of income. 

An important value for LittleBigHelp is to keep administration costs at a minimum to ensure that the donations that we receive reach those who really need it.

”Nobody can help all, but everybody can help some.”

Thanks for your support. Love and good karma,
LittleBigHelp Team

Watch a documentary of LittleBigHelp's projects in 2015 HERE

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